Once you have found the opportunity of choice,

Time to Resign...

As a professional, your decision to change employment was made objectively. It is now up to you to end your relationship with your current employer as professionally as you began it and held it.

  • Make an appointment with your manager and prepare a professional letter of resignation. (see sample)
  • During the meeting, calmly and concisely explain your decision and make it clear it is final. Retain your poise if the meeting becomes tense.
  • Remember, this is a professional decision, not a personal one. It is not necessary to notify your employer of where you are moving to. Keep your conversation during the exit interview on a professional and positive level.

Be wary of counteroffers. You will hear the following:

  • We have plans for you that will come to fruition the first of next month - it's my fault for not telling you.
  • I shouldn't do this, but I'm going to let you in on some confidential information. We're in the process of reorganizing, and it will mean a significant promotion for you within six months.
  • We'll match your new offer and even better it by "x" percent. This raise was supposed to go into effect the first of next quarter anyway, but because of your fine record, we'll start it immediately.
  • When I told our president of your decision, he told me he wants to have dinner with you and your wife as soon as possible. You just tell me when, and he'll drop everything to discuss this situation with you.

While you may be flattered and your emotions may be swayed, you also may lose your objectivity, you'll be tempted to reconsider. Ask yourself:

  • Is the counteroffer a ploy to avoid short-term inconvenience to the company?
  • Will your career track remain blocked?
  • Will you still be reporting to the same person?
  • Will your responsibilities be expanded?
  • Have others who have accepted counteroffers in your company been fairly treated?
  • Why do you have to say you are resigning before the company recognizes your worth?

The logic and feelings surrounding your decision to seek new challenges were made looking forward. Don't look back now for the satisfaction that you should have already earned. Keep your vision on the future success you will achieve with your new position.

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