Sample Registration Letter

This format can be used as a suggestion to remind you of the key points to include in your letter. It will need to be customized to fit your own personal situation.

Your Address
City, State, Zipcode

Name and Title of Your Supervisor
Name of Company
City, State, Zipcode

Dear _____,
This letter serves as my official announcement that I am resigning my position with (company) effective (date)

This decision is final and irrevocable.

I have made this decision in order to seek further advancement in my career. The association I have had with (company) has been fulfilling. I have always provided 100% of my efforts to benefit the company during my employment. Through my direct efforts I have - (here stress an accomplishment or contribution you made)

I am providing a two-week notice of my departure date. If it is your decision to release me before that date, I am sure you will follow the normal business practice and pay my salary (and any commission, bonus, etc) due through (date)

(If appropriate) Additionally, under my employment with you I have earned ____week(s) of paid vacation. Please add that earned week(s) of pay to my last paycheck from ______

Working with you and for ________ has been a rewarding association. I wish you and the company future success.


Your name

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