How is your company being presented?

Why you should care about how your company and your staffing requirements are presented in the marketplace?

When you are seeking a key employee, do you know how you are being presented in the marketplace?

By that I mean how are you being perceived in your staffing need by the potential candidates who might be qualified for the opportunity and hear of the position either through your advertisement, a call from your HR department, another employee, or from a recruiter.

Is there a consistent presentation of you and your need?

What do you think happens when different people -- employees looking for a bonus, associates trying to help someone they know get a job, a variety of recruiters - all present your position at the same time?

Besides the obvious that the message delivered is inconsistent and that you really don't know what you are seeking, there are other far more devastating possibilities:

  • Candidates who do come in for interviews all have a different idea of what the job is about and therefore interview differently for the position. That makes a hiring decision harder for you because you have no consistent model to choose the best from.
  • Without a consistent model for interviews your decision may be based more on who interviewed better rather than who really has the skills that you want and has demonstrated that they can do the job.
  • Many candidates will come to the interview with a preconceived and often erroneous idea of the functions required in the position or of the compensation expected. This often creates difficulty when an offer is made and leaves strong potential for having the offer rejected.
  • Without a consistent and agreed upon understanding of the requirements being sought for your position, others in your company also involved in the interviewing screening process, will inevitably see each candidate with a different set of criteria making it more difficult to reach consensus on the best candidate. This also creates divergent interviewing situations for the candidate and sends an unhealthy message that no one will be able to be successful in the position.
  • These hiring conditions increases the difficulty of attracting top candidates, use valuable time and expenses in interviewing unqualified and unprepared candidates, and most importantly delay reaching the goals that require fulfillment of the position in the first place.
    Have you experienced these conditions and frustrations in trying to fill key position?

Wouldn't you like to be represented in the marketplace as a professional who is seeking A-level candidates for your critical requirements? Wouldn't you like to avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent interviews and disorganized interviewing committees? Isn't it time for you to use your interviewing time to evaluate and attract the best?

Here's how we present your requirements to qualified candidates.

After we complete an extensive discussion with you about the requirements - this usually takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes -- we return to you for your approval a multi-page position profile that includes information about your company, the position being sought, expectations and first year deliverables, critical issues surrounding the functional responsibilities, and direct requirements for a qualified candidate. Besides being able to use this profile internally with the rest of your interviewing team, we provide the document to candidates who are qualified directly for your position. Each candidate then provides us a special document on their abilities that directly relate to your requirements.

We then present to you a complete multi-page profile on each qualified candidate directly relating to the functional requirements you seek and a complete background on the person's accomplishments and personality.

Now when you meet each candidate, you and your interviewing team will have a complete background on each person and the exact position requirement providing a more consistent and professional evaluation method.

This process allows for more intense interviews, a better use of everyone's time, and we can tell you conclusively through our experiences have resulted in better hires.

Doesn't this sound like a more professional way to have your company presented and more effective way to successfully hire the top people you want?

Call us now a get this difference working for you.

We provide the solutions to identify, qualify, and recruit top individuals quickly and cost effectively. Effective hiring of top talent is not made easier by Internet postings that bring massive amounts of average, under-qualified, or unqualified applicants. Sourcing, qualifying, and recruiting top talent is still a personal identification process that we, as committed, professional, and experienced industry-specific recruiters, do best.


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