Talent Acquisition Guidelines

As the need for talented key personnel increases, employment options for candidates also increase. In today's staffing marketplace, achieving a successful hire requires a partnering relationship among all involved.

To intelligently meet our clients' staffing requirements, we have found that following these "Talent Acquisition Guidelines" yields the highest probability of success in the most efficient time.

  • We rigorously pre-screen and evaluate every candidate to match each Client's requirements as nearly as possible, including securing agreement for relocation when necessary.

  • Upon submission of candidate information, timely feedback (usually within three days) is recommended from the company to move the hiring process forward. Because highly skilled and truly motivated candidates often are considering multiple opportunities, this timely action allows our Clients to make decisions before the candidate is lost to a competitive opportunity.

  • Interviews with all of the company's relevant decision makers are scheduled for the candidate on the same day. Our experience has found that any delay in the interviewing process drastically reduces the chance of a successful hire.

  • Compensation issues are not discussed during the interview process with the candidate. Decisions on compensation are first reviewed with a representative of our company before being presented to the candidate. Because of our skills and experience, we serve best as a liaison in this delicate area.

  • Changes in the client's urgency in filling the position are shared immediately.

Our Commitment: To Provide an Intelligent Talent Acquisition Process

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