There's No Trick

There is no trick to a successful search process that will fulfill your needs quickly and confidentially. All you need is a search firm that:

1. Knows what you do and has a sincere interest in your requirements
2. Has a document track record of filling this type of position, and
3. Will work with you in a time-sensitive and confidential manner.

All you need to find a search firm that will do that for you is

1. Provide the full information they require to search successfully
2. Treat the company as a service partner, and
3. Work with them exclusively

Here's why the standard contingency model doesn't work even though you may think that it makes logical sense to have lots of recruiters working on the assignment, gathering lots of resumes.

1. Nobody is held accountable. No one will say "I guarantee I'll find the person you want and will do it within a specific time period."
2. Contingency recruiting tends to cherry pick companies you might want someone from, and while that sounds OK here's the piece of this that can be offensive to your company --
3. Your company is presented in three or four different ways creating a market perception that you are desperate. So the candidate who could do this job gets a couple of calls from different recruiters and gets scared off of the opportunity. "I'm not getting into this rat race," he says. Any confidentiality or focus on your specific need is lost.
4. Here's something else you may not even be aware of: Contingency recruiting may find you the perfect person, present them to you, and at the same time present that perfect person to 3-4 other companies that are just as interested in this person. Just as you are increasing your odds by working with multiple recruiters, these recruiters are increasing their odds by presenting a top candidate on multiple opportunities.
5. Your opportunity to fairly attract the candidate now is at an unfair disadvantage.

Certainly, you can choose the contingency search process if you want, it is just that you should know what's going on. Or you can choose the priority search process and get our firm's guaranteed services exclusively.

If you are willing to pay a fee anyhow why not guarantee your chances of finding the best candidate?

We provide the solutions to identify, qualify, and recruit top individuals quickly and cost effectively. Effective hiring of top talent is not made easier by Internet postings that bring massive amounts of average, under-qualified, or unqualified applicants. Sourcing, qualifying, and recruiting top talent is still a personal identification process that we, as committed, professional, and experienced industry-specific recruiters, do best.

Call us and challenge the best to provide the best.

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