How WirelessCareers Can Meet Your Hiring Needs Effectively In 25 Guaranteed Steps

Assessing Your Needs

  1. We conduct a complete discussion with you and any other significant decision maker and develop a multi-page position profile of your staffing requirements. This document also includes such important areas as:
    • A company overview and history
    • Reasons for the opening.
    • Target start date.
    • Significant attractions that make this opportunity interesting.
    • A profile "fit factor" of Level A candidates (including work experience, preferred company background, and personality/cultural fit).
    • Expectations and first year deliverables.
    • Critical issues that are required as part of the functional responsibilities.
    • Target compensation and other allurements.
    • Interview process.
    • Biography of hiring manager.
  2. Upon completion of the Position Profile, we submit it to you for approval.
  3. You review and modify, if necessary, and then approve the Position Profile.
  4. The Position Profile then becomes the basis for our candidate qualifications.

    Developing a Search Profile Plan and Qualifying Top Candidates

  5. Once we have agreement on the Position Profile, we assign a team to begin a networking search for qualified candidates.
  6. The team researches and networks throughout the industry using our industry wide experiences and contacts to talk with the best-qualified individuals that meet your qualifications.
  7. Highly qualified candidates are personally interviewed by the specific Account Executive assigned to your account.
  8. Candidates are qualified not only on their technical fit for the opportunity but specifically for a personality match with your company.
  9. Once qualified by technical ability and personality, candidates are then qualified on compensation expectations and ability to relocate, if required. Candidates who do not qualify in these critical areas are eliminated from further consideration.
  10. If relocation is required, we provide cost of living comparisons and Life Style information about the new area to the candidate and the significant other decision makers involved in the move decision.
  11. Top candidates are asked to submit self-written appraisals on their achievements, motivations, career moves, and why they consider themselves top candidates for your opportunity.
  12. Follow-up interviews with each candidate are then conducted for further evaluation before submittal to you for review.

    Presenting the Top Candidates

  13. Multi-page profiles of the top three candidates are presented to you for review.
  14. You determine which candidate you want to talk with and we make the arrangements coordinating your time and the candidate's time. This first interview may be coordinated in a telephone conversation, video call, or face-to-face meeting. We handle all arrangements for the meeting, providing you peace of mind that your time is prized and highly regarded.
  15. We prepare the candidate for the meeting with you and provide you any additional or new information acquired about the candidate.
  16. Additional references are completed on the candidate and provided to you in our exclusive "dialogue" format.
  17. Following the meeting, we debrief with the candidate and you to determine whether there is mutual interest in moving ahead and to resolve any issues raised by either you or the candidate.

    Attracting the Candidate of Choice

  18. After you conduct all initial interviews with qualified candidates we short-list the top two candidates and if necessary schedule another interview. If two candidates are being considered, these interviews are held as close together in time as possible to keep the comparisons keenly in your mind.
  19. We prepare the candidates being brought back for final interviews and keep runner-up candidates available until a final decision has been made and an offer accepted.
  20. We assist you in formulating an acceptable offer and present "trial" offers to get acceptance before an official offer is made and a start date agreed upon.
  21. Once the top candidate accepts the offer, we assist the candidate with a resignation letter and guard against counter-offer proposals the candidate may receive.
  22. If relocation is involved we will provide, if requested by you, all the necessary relocation assistance including introductions to real estate agents at both locations.
  23. We debrief with the candidates not chosen and ensure their continued interest should another opportunity arise in your company.

    The Homecoming and Honeymoon

  24. Between the offer acceptance and start date, we will communicate with the candidate and ease the transition process. We also keep in close touch with you ensuring the necessary arrangements are made for the candidate's start with your company.
  25. After the candidate starts, we evaluate progress from your perspective and from the candidate's perspective through the first six months of employment preserving the quality of the decision by you both during the very critical "honeymoon" time.

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