Career Growth - some considerations to assist with your decisions

Because of the constantly changing world of the wireless market, we realize that not all career choices last forever. Companies and their employees both realize that at some point in their relationship, situations may arise where a separation is needed for the advancement of both.

There are many reasons for such a change: career advancement and - technology / management / lifestyle - changes are but a few of the reasons most often expressed during exit interviews.

Whatever is driving you to look for a career change, we offer some professional considerations to help you maintain your focus and relationships as you move forward with your decision.

  • Be sure you have explored all career opportunities within your present company. Many times, a search for a career change begins just when internal changes and openings are occurring within your own firm. If you are a valued employee, most firms will work with you to find responsibilities within the company that will keep you there.
  • Be sure you have discussed your career opportunities with your significant other. This person will be involved in the decision throughout the process, especially if a geographical relocation is required and health benefits change. It's better to get agreement up-front than to find out when you are ready to take a new position that you don't have agreement about the change.
  • Be sure about what you want -- and what you don't want -- in your next position. Consider the type of responsibility, size of company, even geographical location of preference. You are going to be asked about your reasons someplace during your interview process, might as well begin now preparing answers.
  • Be flexible. Once you determine to begin seeking new employment, you may be exposed to opportunities that don't quite fit your exact desires, but may be challenging positions. The only way to really find out if a particular career opportunity is right for you is to explore it first hand.

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