~ Installment 7 of Skydiving by Jack Bourque ~

My friend, Vijay, to whom I sent my written experience of sky diving, said the experience I shared with him created such a visual effect for him that he wrote the following poem.


High Act

You have been high

Way way up

Flying like the winged Pegasus

Out in the open azure sky

For your first air dive

Sniffing the dizzying heavens

Squinting at the stars afar

In your (O my God!) free fall

Overcoming the scary of high winds

In your speedy descent like a meteor 


And then sliding into smooth gliding

Scanning the calm and serene picturesque horizon

Gracefully hovering over familiar landmarks

Experiencing ecstasy of the setting sun

From perched above

Peaceful cottony cumulous clouds


Finally swaying like a winged creatures

Gently easing into landing

Elegantly entering its abode


You may have left the heights behind you

But understandably

The high will live on


About a week after our sky dive, my wife and I were sitting on our deck watching the autumn leaves fall.  And she was moved to write the following:



Drop Zone

Gliding, twisting,

Graceful, quiet.

Open canopies

Approach the ground.

Adventurous descent.

Satisfying completion.

Sky-diving autumn leaves

Color the field.

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