Installment 6 by Jack Bourque, President of Wireless Careers 

Walt expertly (he told me that he had made thousands of jumps) guides the chute and reminds me of the instructions he gave me about putting my legs out in front of me (like in an “L” shape) so that when we land we can slide along the ground on our bottoms before the chute comes to rest. 

And then it is over.  We are on the ground, softly, and the chute falls to our left.  We are probably 15 feet from the target circle in the center of the landing field.

The camera woman, who I last held hands with at 10,000 feet, is right in front of me taking videos and asking “So how was it.”  I probably said something uncreative, although the 20 minute experience I just had — from the airplane take off to the landing — was everything that I could have imagined it would be.  I was thinking I really should have prepared something bright and witty to say.  But I didn’t, so I said whatever came into my thoughts at that moment.   

My daughters, unharnessed from their chute nearby in the field, come over to me and then my wife who was just off of the landing field.

We unite in a family hug, smiles on each of our faces.  My first skydive is over in its action but not in its effect. 

Back at the office and equipment area, I climb out of the harness and peel out of the blue jump suit.  And we gather and share our experiences.  Walt hands me a tandem jump certificate for 14,000 feet.  It is now posted in my office so whoever comes in can see it. 

Most people I know have never done this; most of them all wish that they had.

The experience will long continue in thoughts, in videos, in pictures, and clearly will be relived in my mind whenever anyone says “skydiving.”


a shared experience - Jack & family, safely landed.


(Continued in Sky Diving – installment 7)

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