Installment 5 by Jack Bourque, President of Wireless Careers


Down we float, the farmers’ fields that surround the Ellington Airport coming more into view, and now the backyards and the homes in the nearby village. Over there I can see what appears to be a swimming pool closed for the winter and in another backyard what appears to be a swing set. If there are any people moving in these yards I can’t tell.  Is that because I can’t see them from this height or is it because it is a brisk 60 degrees on a late Sunday afternoon and they are firmly on the ground and, unlike me, safe in their homes.

I wonder if they watch the sky and see us parachuting down and have unfulfilled wishes about skydiving as I once did.  I know I will never have that feeling again.

While on the ground before our take off, Walt had told me how we would be connected in the jump and that the chute actually would be latched to my harness and he would be latched between it and me.  In the airplane a minute or so before we were about to jump, he connected us together by having me sit on his lap as he tighten each strap – I think there were four at least. These were the straps that held Walt and I as we floated and came closer to the ground.

Now we were over the airport and the manifest office of Connecticut Parachutists, Inc.  I can see my wife standing near the landing zone waving.  I wave back and yell something – probably just a “hi.” Maybe I should have said “I love you” because we still hadn’t landed and from what I had read while parachuting might be the first great thrill, landing is the second.

Jack coming in for the landing...


(Continued in Sky Diving – installment 6)

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