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The cloud’s technology needs massive intelligent data centers and my client – a globally recognized infrastructure OEM – is fully integrating its products into solutions for these centers.


  • Do you have a deep understanding of the physical infrastructure of electronic communications requirements within a data center environment and the technical skills to determine which interconnect products should be utilized to provide customers the architect for fully integrated solutions?


With experience in data centers and telecommunications infrastructure your engineering career can take a leap forward with this global leader of total product solutions to those companies building the cloud.


  • Within my global client’s R&D group we are looking for a special engineering talent who has experience in physical architecture solutions and designing and choosing data center infrastructure products.


In this position you will work within my client’s R&D engineering team and directly with global customers such as Cisco, EMC, VMWare, Microsoft, IBM, Rackspace, QLogic, VCE to create the finest data center technology solutions available.


You will have strategic responsibility with resource recommendations and cross functional within the corporation’s sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing teams. You will also have tactical responsibility and use your talents to design infrastructure solutions and provide evaluations within the corporate engineering group and at customers’ locations.


  • If you are looking for excitement in your engineering career and want to leverage your infrastructure product knowledge to help create the most efficient, innovative and intelligent data centers, we need to talk now.


Contact me directly and provide me an updated resume so that when we talk I can be more directed as we together explore this career option. 


Jack Bourque


                860-738-5035 ex: 23


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