Antenna Engineering Manager –

A highly talented and well respected RF antenna engineering team needs a mature manager who can help the team concentrate on its designs and provide new market insight to antenna requirements.

This opportunity will best attract an experienced antenna engineering manager who sees this as a career closing responsibility or an upwardly challenged engineer manager who wants to be the leader of a globally recognized design team.

While managing the design and testing team of 7 engineers, this hands on antenna engineering manager will not only keep operations running efficiently, but though interfacing with marketing and manufacturing and participation in vendor selection will provide expanded wireless industry knowledge and potential go-forward opportunities to the design team.

Preference is for design experience both in theory and principles with base station antenna, but experience with other antenna in the 30 to 6000 MHz range including those used in RFID and IBS/DAS systems is desirable. Experience with modeling software such as NEC and HFSS is required. The company’s antennas are used in a variety of applications of broadcast, radio, cellular and personal communications systems.

Management experience should include budget forecasting, standards for quality and procedures, project feasibility methods, competitive analysis and customer interface.

The company is prepared to offer an above industry average compensation and a comprehensive relocation to attract an industry leader.

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