Global corporations are examining their carbon footprint and developing leadership programs in sustainable management.


A Bloomberg Businessweek article noted: “In a world beset by economic woes as well as environmental problems– from the scarcity of natural resources to climate change–sustainability represents one of the few potential bright spots.”

If your company is seeking a forward looking and innovative senior level director who will lead your company’s sustainability across a global footprint, I’d like you to meet a special person who might just be the right choice for you.

Although he comes from a background in telecomm/wireless technology his leadership in sustainable management can be applied to any manufacturing corporation.  He’s been employed by his current company for 11 years and for the past 2.5 years has led this multi-billion corporation’s global efforts in carbon measurement and reduction programs throughout its more than 700 sites.  His efforts have reduced the company’s total carbon footprint by more than 250 million metric tons in two years and resulted in savings of more than $25 million in energy and shipping costs.

From his director-level position his leadership has provided workshops and training programs at site levels and brought about better than 20% decrease in the corporation’s travel cost and nearly 50% increase in its video conferencing.

He is a leading industry spokesman in carbon reduction projects and sustainability programs and has brought to his corporation increased revenue, reduced waste, and promoted broader social and environmental awareness.

With an MBA and an advanced education in sustainable management from an executive program of one of the country’s leading business universities, he is a realistic leader who can guide your company in sustainability with methods for revenue increases and waste reduction that shareholders are requiring.

If you have a significant and real opportunity and want to advance your company’s leadership in its sustainability management programs, let’s talk about whether this candidate can be attracted to your corporation.

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