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You are going to employ three-dimensional people, why make a preliminary decision on who to meet in person based on a two-dimensional resume.

Today you have the ability to pre-screen by video or telephone anyone you are thinking of inviting into your business for an interview.  It’s easy to set up the technology and schedule the call.  But do you really know what you are doing once you make the connection?

Through years of telephone screening candidates and debriefing companies and candidates after their telephone interviews one thing is certain: most hiring managers just don’t know how to conduct a worthwhile telephone screening call.

Several years ago in doing a seminar for a company about “conducting more efficient telephone interviews,” a hiring manager said he thought all that was necessary was to have a few questions handy to qualify a candidate.

What he didn’t understand is that the process is not just about qualifying; it also is about acquiring the right talent.

Sure in the telephone interview method you are currently using, you can probably ask your questions, get the answers you want, and move to the next level of discover – the face to face meeting – without following any procedure.  But if you think that the telephone interview is all about qualifying the candidate you are seeking, then you are loosing valuable ground in also selling your opportunity.  The professional approach you use to conduct the interview goes a long way to establish the style of your company.

Candidates today – despite what you read about unemployment numbers – have choices.  And very talented candidates have many choices.  Fail to excite a candidate in a telephone interview and you may not get that candidate you want to come to the face to face meeting. 

And without a consistent process for conducting telephone interviews how can you possibly decide who to bring to your office if one candidate never had a chance to answer the same questions other candidates did?  It is very likely that you could be missing the best talent because of this inconsistency in the interview process.

To provide hiring managers a format to improve the quality of their telephone interviews we developed an interview “PAD” and have encouraged its use for many years.  When it is used consistently, companies gain valuable insight, motivate candidates, improve their selection process, and are more successful in their ability to acquire the talent they want.

When not used we have seen companies wasted time, money, and energy and candidates who have been turned off by the selection process.

 The PAD is available without cost at: 

The Telephone Interview…  What Do You Say After You Say Hello?

It’s no good, however, unless you learn to use it.  Go ahead, challenge the way you always have done telephone interviews. Try it, you indeed may like it!

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