Are you ready to leverage you skills in designing noise cancellation, PHY and MAC layer, and DSP receivers and lead a new company in developing cutting edge MUD products for commercial LTE applications?

This young company is leveraging patented research done in MIMO and interference cancellation to develop state of the art world class commercial receivers for LTE applications. In this position you will lead the research and a small group of engineers. You will be reporting directly to the company’s CTO and interact with the CEO and customers.

The responsibility will be intense and the rewards include one of the most attractive salary packages in the industry, an equity position in the company, and a health and relocation benefit package.

Our preference is an advanced degree (MS or PhD) in electrical engineering, computer engineering or computer science, and experience in developing PHY layer and MAC layer products used in cellular communication systems.

Although we are seeking candidates who have worked in corporate R&D engineering centers, my client also is open to talk with engineers who have had only academic research experience.

This is an exciting opportunity to be on the world stage of engineering advancements in cellular communication technology.

Contact me immediately if you are interested and want to pursue further qualification discussion.

Jack Bourque
860-738-5035 ex: 23

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Is there a professional way for a company to respond when an independent recruiter approved to work on a search presents a candidate who already is in the company’s database?

It is understandable that companies want to find ways to prevent duplications and — let’s be realistic here — avoid paying a recruiter’s fee when the company’s internal HR recruiters already are being paid to cull the database and fill openings.

But let’s also acknowledge that having a person’s resume in any kind of database does not ensure that person is qualified, available, or even interested in an opportunity.

It’s about ACQUIRING the right talent, not finding.

If you think you can hire the talent you want by clicking on websites like CareerBuilder, Monster, or LinkedIn, or by just posting your requirements on your company’s career page and have your HR department do the rest, you don’t understand anything about talent acquisition.

Anyone with a computer ought to be able to find a resume. And anyone with a computer and some skill might even be able to get a specifically talented person to consider “thinking about” working for your company. In acquiring talent don’t you want to ensure that the person you want working for you, will say “yes” to your opportunity? Well, that kind of successful assurance can only be delivered by a specialist who knows THE TALENT ACQUISITION PROCESS. * (*

So it’s not just who is in the database.

Just as a company’s sales team might have information about hundreds of potential customers, it still takes the personal effort of a sales person to find the right person to talk with, get that person to share interest, and then qualify the account.

Recruiters work in the same format – review hundreds of potential persons and then through direct conversations qualify each person as a potential candidate for a position on which the recruiter is working.

With the proliferation of on-line databases and applicant tracking systems, many company leaders believe that by having a person’s resume in its database, the company’s HR department should be able to find candidates for openings without paying a service fee to a recruiter. It will take a supreme effort by the company’s internal recruiters, however, to ensure that every person in the company’s database is actively qualified and earmarked for every position opening.

It’s the investment in finding great talent.

There is no perfect way to ensure that a candidate presented on an assignment by an independent recruiter hasn’t already been entered in the company’s database. Most recruiters, therefore, use this language in recruiting agreements with companies to eliminate referral issues:

Unless a candidate is under active consideration for employment as evidenced by scheduled interview times with client company at the time of the recruiting firm’s referral, client’s prior receipt of a candidate’s resume from any source shall not affect client’s obligation to pay recruiter’s service fee should the candidate become employed.

Companies that appreciate independent recruiters understand that when a person presented by an outside recruiter has been missed by internal recruiters, that is the investment expense of having a focused recruiter on the assignment.

Know the status before beginning.

When beginning a search assignment, professional recruiters ask if there are candidates currently being interviewed by the company. If there are, the recruiters ask for the names of those candidates so that they do not duplicate their effort and contact these people. Should a company acknowledge that there are candidates being considered but declines to provide those names, recruiters have two choices:

1. pass on the assignment until all candidates have been reviewed by the company, the company returns to the recruiter for help and releases the names of the persons who are now or were reviewed for the position.

2. make sure that every person reached about an assignment be first asked whether that person is talking with a particular company. This approach is usually avoided by recruiters because it is an awkward beginning to a conversation and often results in the person becoming unwilling to talk and thus a loss of a potential candidate.

However, in a conversation, recruiters often ask whether the person has been approached by other companies. When the person says there has been no contact from a specific company, the recruiter is trusting in the person’s integrity. If appropriate, the person is further qualified and then submitted as a candidate. The recruiter is now putting professional trust in the client company’s integrity to acknowledge that even if the person is found within its database, should the candidate be hired, the full service fee will be paid.

A recruiter directly asking a company if a specific person is already in the company’s database is not an alternative recruiters will use. By mentioning the person’s name, a spotlight is now on that specific person and could prompt the company to review the candidate who has been languishing in its database and begin its own recruiting process of that person cutting off the recruiter.

A weak technical solution.

There is a technical way, although loaded with limitations, which could be employed to minimize a duplication effort.

The recruiter is provided access to the company’s database and then searches that database to determine whether a person’s name already exists. If the name is found, the recruiter returns to the hiring manager and announces that a prospective candidate – no name given – already exists in the company’s database. In this situation the company must ensure that software safeguards are in place so that the recruiter’s data entry request is not tracked.

While this sounds like a workable alternative, it has several flaws and potential delays that increase the company’s odds of loosing the candidate’s interest.

1. Having the company try to find on its own who in its database the recruiter was referring to will delay the company from any interview with the person.
2. The recruiter may decide to present that person to alternative opportunities.
3. What if the person was entered into the company’s database for a different position at a different location and therefore was passed on the active position but the recruiter knows the person has moved or has added new skills that now make the person a top candidate?
4. There could be several people in the database with similar names.
5. What if the first name in the database is William but everyone knows the person as Bill or something similar with names like John and Jack. Is it E. Robert Jones or Bob Jones? Is the last name hyphenated or changed through marriage? Just imagine other variations that make a name search very unreliable.
6. Using telephone numbers or email addresses as further qualifiers won’t work either because both might have been changed by a person since the original information was entered into the company’s database.

Companies hope that by having its own database and internal recruiters, it should be easy to find, qualify, and hire without ever using an independent recruiter.

Acquiring specific talent with the help of a professional independent recruiter is an investment. If a company is not willing to invest in talent acquisition, then there is no reason to engage a recruiter.

The simple, honest, professional way:

If an authorized recruiter presents a candidate who is not being interviewed by the company and that person is hired, the recruiter’s service fee is due.

April 4, 2013 by:
Jack Bourque, President
Wireless Careers, Inc.

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Are you ready to apply your engineering solutions skills to develop the next generation of energy efficient and automated controls in “Intelligent Buildings”?
While focusing on unified communication systems in automated connected buildings, in this position you will have the responsibility to lead this $1B corporation’s development of technical products, services, and programs to enhance their customers’ requirements for new levels of automated controls.
Using both structured LAN cabling systems knowledge and a creative understanding of how wireless related systems will benefit the running of automated factories and smart enterprise buildings, the systems engineer in this position will research and evaluate technology trends, hardware and software products, and how the company’s holistic and unified physical infrastructure approach to enterprise communication issues can be best introduced to all of the markets it serves.
Both by customer facing and working cross functionally with internal engineers, you will have an opportunity to explore pertinent and emerging technologies that provide for unifying infrastructure for data, controls, security, environment, and computers. Through involvement in trade organizations, independent research, standard bodies, and competitive analysis, the goal of this position will be to develop robust IP enabled systems and products that will reach untapped potential within the automated building market for scalability, modularity, and solutions that are “future proof.”
Collaborating with technical peers on architectural and development designs, the engineer’s responsibility with be to ensure that concepts become realized and meet the high quality technical standards on which this company’s reputation has been founded.
Becoming a “go-to” engineer in the company’s smart building market focus, the engineer in this position will develop the roadmaps for the company’s further development as a solutions provider in this technology.
This USA mid-west based company is a world leader in its technology and for more than 65 years has been on the forefront of technical leadership in communications and controls infrastructure.

Contact: Jack Bourque, President, Wireless Careers, Inc. 860-738-5035 ex: 23 (Do not respond to this blog)

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DataCenterSolutions Design Architect


The cloud’s technology needs massive intelligent data centers and my client – a globally recognized infrastructure OEM – is fully integrating its products into solutions for these centers.


  • Do you have a deep understanding of the physical infrastructure of electronic communications requirements within a data center environment and the technical skills to determine which interconnect products should be utilized to provide customers the architect for fully integrated solutions?


With experience in data centers and telecommunications infrastructure your engineering career can take a leap forward with this global leader of total product solutions to those companies building the cloud.


  • Within my global client’s R&D group we are looking for a special engineering talent who has experience in physical architecture solutions and designing and choosing data center infrastructure products.


In this position you will work within my client’s R&D engineering team and directly with global customers such as Cisco, EMC, VMWare, Microsoft, IBM, Rackspace, QLogic, VCE to create the finest data center technology solutions available.


You will have strategic responsibility with resource recommendations and cross functional within the corporation’s sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing teams. You will also have tactical responsibility and use your talents to design infrastructure solutions and provide evaluations within the corporate engineering group and at customers’ locations.


  • If you are looking for excitement in your engineering career and want to leverage your infrastructure product knowledge to help create the most efficient, innovative and intelligent data centers, we need to talk now.


Contact me directly and provide me an updated resume so that when we talk I can be more directed as we together explore this career option. 


Jack Bourque


                860-738-5035 ex: 23


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Applications Engineering Within Key Partners Engineering Locations


My client is embedding top application engineers into the engineering centers of its key customers who are building technology for the cloud’s data centers.


  • Would you like to work inside EMC or Cisco or IBM or Rockwell Automation    representing my global client’s products and solutions with physical infrastructure architecture solutions?


In this responsibility you will interact with a specific key customer strategically providing unique recommendations and tactically by introducing products leading to the development of efficient, intelligent, scalable and innovative design centers.


  • If you have experience in application engineering especially with physical infrastructure products and solutions and have the personality to be a valued partner within one of the company’s key accounts, then this career opportunity is just what you have been waiting for.


Use your understanding of the IT infrastructure environment for telecommunications and data centers and advance to this collaborative technical and products management resource responsibility.


Want to hear more?


Send along your updated resume, a private contact number and best time to reach you. 


  • When we talk I can be more directed on locations and specific of why thisUSAbased OEM is considered one of the world’s leading providers of physical infrastructure for electronic communications within data centers and the cloud.


Jack Bourque


                860-738-5035 ex: 23


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Antenna Engineering Manager –

A highly talented and well respected RF antenna engineering team needs a mature manager who can help the team concentrate on its designs and provide new market insight to antenna requirements.

This opportunity will best attract an experienced antenna engineering manager who sees this as a career closing responsibility or an upwardly challenged engineer manager who wants to be the leader of a globally recognized design team.

While managing the design and testing team of 7 engineers, this hands on antenna engineering manager will not only keep operations running efficiently, but though interfacing with marketing and manufacturing and participation in vendor selection will provide expanded wireless industry knowledge and potential go-forward opportunities to the design team.

Preference is for design experience both in theory and principles with base station antenna, but experience with other antenna in the 30 to 6000 MHz range including those used in RFID and IBS/DAS systems is desirable. Experience with modeling software such as NEC and HFSS is required. The company’s antennas are used in a variety of applications of broadcast, radio, cellular and personal communications systems.

Management experience should include budget forecasting, standards for quality and procedures, project feasibility methods, competitive analysis and customer interface.

The company is prepared to offer an above industry average compensation and a comprehensive relocation to attract an industry leader.

Jack Bourque
860-738-5035 ex: 23

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Global corporations are examining their carbon footprint and developing leadership programs in sustainable management.


A Bloomberg Businessweek article noted: “In a world beset by economic woes as well as environmental problems– from the scarcity of natural resources to climate change–sustainability represents one of the few potential bright spots.”

If your company is seeking a forward looking and innovative senior level director who will lead your company’s sustainability across a global footprint, I’d like you to meet a special person who might just be the right choice for you.

Although he comes from a background in telecomm/wireless technology his leadership in sustainable management can be applied to any manufacturing corporation.  He’s been employed by his current company for 11 years and for the past 2.5 years has led this multi-billion corporation’s global efforts in carbon measurement and reduction programs throughout its more than 700 sites.  His efforts have reduced the company’s total carbon footprint by more than 250 million metric tons in two years and resulted in savings of more than $25 million in energy and shipping costs.

From his director-level position his leadership has provided workshops and training programs at site levels and brought about better than 20% decrease in the corporation’s travel cost and nearly 50% increase in its video conferencing.

He is a leading industry spokesman in carbon reduction projects and sustainability programs and has brought to his corporation increased revenue, reduced waste, and promoted broader social and environmental awareness.

With an MBA and an advanced education in sustainable management from an executive program of one of the country’s leading business universities, he is a realistic leader who can guide your company in sustainability with methods for revenue increases and waste reduction that shareholders are requiring.

If you have a significant and real opportunity and want to advance your company’s leadership in its sustainability management programs, let’s talk about whether this candidate can be attracted to your corporation.

Call Jack  860-738-5035 ext: 23


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~ Installment 7 of Skydiving by Jack Bourque ~

My friend, Vijay, to whom I sent my written experience of sky diving, said the experience I shared with him created such a visual effect for him that he wrote the following poem.


High Act

You have been high

Way way up

Flying like the winged Pegasus

Out in the open azure sky

For your first air dive

Sniffing the dizzying heavens

Squinting at the stars afar

In your (O my God!) free fall

Overcoming the scary of high winds

In your speedy descent like a meteor 


And then sliding into smooth gliding

Scanning the calm and serene picturesque horizon

Gracefully hovering over familiar landmarks

Experiencing ecstasy of the setting sun

From perched above

Peaceful cottony cumulous clouds


Finally swaying like a winged creatures

Gently easing into landing

Elegantly entering its abode


You may have left the heights behind you

But understandably

The high will live on


About a week after our sky dive, my wife and I were sitting on our deck watching the autumn leaves fall.  And she was moved to write the following:



Drop Zone

Gliding, twisting,

Graceful, quiet.

Open canopies

Approach the ground.

Adventurous descent.

Satisfying completion.

Sky-diving autumn leaves

Color the field.

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Installment 6 by Jack Bourque, President of Wireless Careers 

Walt expertly (he told me that he had made thousands of jumps) guides the chute and reminds me of the instructions he gave me about putting my legs out in front of me (like in an “L” shape) so that when we land we can slide along the ground on our bottoms before the chute comes to rest. 

And then it is over.  We are on the ground, softly, and the chute falls to our left.  We are probably 15 feet from the target circle in the center of the landing field.

The camera woman, who I last held hands with at 10,000 feet, is right in front of me taking videos and asking “So how was it.”  I probably said something uncreative, although the 20 minute experience I just had — from the airplane take off to the landing — was everything that I could have imagined it would be.  I was thinking I really should have prepared something bright and witty to say.  But I didn’t, so I said whatever came into my thoughts at that moment.   

My daughters, unharnessed from their chute nearby in the field, come over to me and then my wife who was just off of the landing field.

We unite in a family hug, smiles on each of our faces.  My first skydive is over in its action but not in its effect. 

Back at the office and equipment area, I climb out of the harness and peel out of the blue jump suit.  And we gather and share our experiences.  Walt hands me a tandem jump certificate for 14,000 feet.  It is now posted in my office so whoever comes in can see it. 

Most people I know have never done this; most of them all wish that they had.

The experience will long continue in thoughts, in videos, in pictures, and clearly will be relived in my mind whenever anyone says “skydiving.”


a shared experience - Jack & family, safely landed.


(Continued in Sky Diving – installment 7)

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Installment 5 by Jack Bourque, President of Wireless Careers


Down we float, the farmers’ fields that surround the Ellington Airport coming more into view, and now the backyards and the homes in the nearby village. Over there I can see what appears to be a swimming pool closed for the winter and in another backyard what appears to be a swing set. If there are any people moving in these yards I can’t tell.  Is that because I can’t see them from this height or is it because it is a brisk 60 degrees on a late Sunday afternoon and they are firmly on the ground and, unlike me, safe in their homes.

I wonder if they watch the sky and see us parachuting down and have unfulfilled wishes about skydiving as I once did.  I know I will never have that feeling again.

While on the ground before our take off, Walt had told me how we would be connected in the jump and that the chute actually would be latched to my harness and he would be latched between it and me.  In the airplane a minute or so before we were about to jump, he connected us together by having me sit on his lap as he tighten each strap – I think there were four at least. These were the straps that held Walt and I as we floated and came closer to the ground.

Now we were over the airport and the manifest office of Connecticut Parachutists, Inc.  I can see my wife standing near the landing zone waving.  I wave back and yell something – probably just a “hi.” Maybe I should have said “I love you” because we still hadn’t landed and from what I had read while parachuting might be the first great thrill, landing is the second.

Jack coming in for the landing...


(Continued in Sky Diving – installment 6)

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